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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Election Day in NH!

I love elections, but I'm so nervous!

Not for the Dem race: Sanders should beat Hillary handily here in New Hampshire. Though come to think of it, Hillary may be the easier candidate to beat in the national election because of her shady past earning millions from giving speeches, Benghazi, the email scandal, and being in with Wall Street.

No, my nervousness is all tied to the GOP race today. Will the people of NH be smart enough to see through Trump's bullying ways and vote for someone else? Will they see his anger as matching their own in the problems we face as Americans or as (I think it) all a show to get him a position of political power? Will they be turned off by the inter-party name-calling? I surely hope so. He talks a good game but I strongly suspect that's all it is. I have absolutely no trust in him doing what he says he would do as president, and he shows no self-control or self-restraint as I would expect from a president of the United States.

I have grounds for hope. I learned yesterday that delegates get split up by percentage for candidates that get over 10% of the vote, and there are certainly plenty of candidates in the polling appearing to earn more than 10% of the vote. Phew! Trump can't get them all.

Even more hopeful, the Cruz campaign released a video today indicating that they think they will exceed everyone's expectations. I'd be thrilled!

For the record, I still admire Carson as a good man, but I couldn't think him presidential about the time that winter hit. His whinyness about "Carsongate" only solidified that opinion. He still exceeded his Iowa voting expectations with "Carsongate", and it's not like Iowans stepped forward angered that they would have voted for Carson over Cruz (credit to Rush Limbaugh for pointing that out).

I proudly voted for Cruz today. I've been leaning towards him since early January but I made up my mind with his solid debate performance Saturday night. Perhaps I'm not as last-minute of a decider as the average New Hampshire voter.

Cruz has shown that he's in control of himself. He's consistent on the campaign trail and consistent in debates. He's consistently sidestepped the media's attempts to trip him up by clear and concise explanations for his positions, history, or future policies should he be elected president. He's sincere, or comes across that way. He understands foreign policy. He's very smart and he's running a smart campaign and was smart enough not to compromise himself in Congress like Rubio did. I have full confidence that he'd at least attempt to do everything he's promising on the campaign trail, and he's the only candidate about whom I can say that.

I hope I sleep tonight!

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  1. Good for you! I like Cruz too (of course, I'm in Texas!), and Rubio's last debate performance was bizarre at best. He really scared me with those robotic repetitions.