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Monday, December 16, 2013

Beating them at their game

*Written last Thursday but apparently the publishing failed? Sorry.

As you read and hear more about Obamacare, keep the leanings of the media in mind - conservative or liberal. Why? Because both sides leave stuff out. Generally speaking, liberals write what makes them looks good, and conservatives fill in the blanks to their defense or even reporting the bad liberal behavior that the liberal media ignores. Ann Coulter gives an excellent description of this process in her column this week. Keep in mind, if you are not already aware, she's the conservative calling out the liberal media here.
Knockout Game-debunkers place great significance, for example, on the fact that the assailants have not signed affidavits calling it a "game."


Until the assailants admit they're playing a game, liberals say the Knockout Game is a "hoax."

Obviously, it doesn't matter what the participants call it. I don't know anyone who calls himself a "pundit," but that doesn't mean people don't go on TV and give their opinions. Every liberal denies he's a liberal, but that doesn't mean "liberals" don't exist. (Would that it were so!)

While we're on the subject, I can't think of a single instance in which someone has admitted to committing a "hate crime," but liberals are always calling things "hate crimes."

The Huffington Post concluded that the Knockout Game was "fabricated" based on one of the most famous victims, James Addlespurger, denying that it was a game. Instead, he calls his knockout an "assault," saying "game" is just a "label."

Hey, you know what else is just a label? The word "assault." "James Addlespurger" is a label. Another expression for "label" is "word" -- meaning, "something liberals try to blow up whenever they're about to be trapped into admitting the truth." 
What about the other way around? Yes, the liberals correct mistakes that the conservatives make in their reporting. The thing is that the liberals are more likely to lie to cover up their own flaws thinking they will get away with it (think Benghazi, as one of many possible examples), whereas the conservatives know that they can't do that because the liberal media would jump down their throats, being the top dogs. So. Keep that in mind as you read and listen, because it explains the very existence of headlines like these:



White House Works to Draw Younger Users...

New Obamacare taxes hike cost of children's braces, prescription eyeglasses...

REPORT: Taxpayers Shell Out $14,000 per 'Enrollee'...

WSJ: Admin. continues to manipulate, bury real statistics...

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