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Friday, December 6, 2013

A voice of reason

Streiff over at Redstate posted Obama Offers the GOP Distractions. He certainly does, since he and the Democrats would love for the focus of our national attention to be anywhere but on the failures of Obamacare. Take it away, streiff:
Some weeks ago I wrote about how the Democrats were attempting to use a three-pronged strategy. First, they were conflating Obamacare with the website ( Beware the Shiny Object). Second, they intended to challenging us to “fix” it (See Obamacare and the Governing Trap). Third, they are attempting to change the national conversation from Obamacare to some other shiny object. The first strategy is deadly because even the feckless gits in the White House will eventually figure out how to get the website running. No matter that they are giving your personal information to the Russian Mob or anyone else with the ambition to crack their non-existent security protocols. The second is positively lethal because it would make the GOP complicit in the insurance meltdown and give the GOP a vested interest in saving Obamacare. The third is equally lethal in that it results in us fighting 2014 and 2016 on turf of the Democrats’ choosing, not the ground we wish to fight on.
Good points. If you're interested in hearing more of what he says, use the link up top.

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