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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mormons have questions

Yes, it's true. While we have testimonies of basic gospel truths like Jesus Christ is our Savior and families can be together forever and a prophet leads the Church, we don't know it all. In that vein, I appreciated Middle-aged Mormon Man: I am a Mormon and I have questions. He said it well:
But ... I understand enough. Enough to build my life around what I do know. The search continues to learn more. Elder Jeffrey Holland talked about this idea last conference when he said, "Hold fast to what you already know and stand strong until additional knowledge comes." (link)
That knowledge does come — through experience and revelation. The list (or box) of questions changes. Sure, there are some questions that have been gathering dust for a long time and might never be resolved in mortality, but I am OK with that. Neither will I focus on those questions so much that they become self-installed stumbling blocks. Obsessing about questions that do not have immediate answers is a toxic endeavor. It can canker a soul and diminish faith.
I am content to let my questions languish on the list. Eventually, they will all be answered. I don't feel compelled to share them with others or dwell on them.
If this topic interests you, I recommend reading the original in full. Reminder: spiritual knowledge doesn't come through physical means. While the scientific method and logic and reason work great for adding physical knowledge, the way to gain spiritual knowledge is the same one taught in scriptures the world over: to take the proverbial leap of faith, knock and it shall be opened, faith is like a little seed - if planted it will grow.

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