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Monday, October 21, 2013

Government incompetence on display

Is any of this Obamacare site hoopla a surprise to you? It isn't to me. Whatever the government gets involved in it costs more than it would in the private sector - because they have no bottom line to keep. Whatever the government gets involved in it doesn't have to do well - because it is protected by law, and has little to no competition depending on the situation. Whatever and whenever the government gets involved in something it displays incompetence. Over and over again.

Big Government is wasteful on so many levels - yet our politicians are determined to keep growing government to the tune of trillion dollar deficits each year. This is the level before Obamacare is fully implemented, any way. I expect that to rise. And of course, the private sector coughs up the money to support this bloated government at the expense of itself. Meaning the economy tanks.

Anyway, here's the latest Drudge headlines on the Obamacare flop.

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