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Monday, September 9, 2013

Obamacare is coming

While this information is curiously lacking in the news, October 1st is a day of note for Americans across the country. From Redstate:
Washington is a strange place.  If you only spent your time inside the D.C. beltway you would come away with the impression that the most important policy issues are amnesty for illegals and air strikes for Al-Qaeda in Syria.  Yet in the real world, Americans are concerned about the lethargic economy and the destruction of the healthcare system at the hands of Obamacare.  Only in Washington can the focus be shifted to foreign interests just three weeks before implementation of the worst domestic program in American history.
On October 1, the Obamacare exchanges will officially open their doors, bringing us one step closer to the immutable dependency on government and the inexorable unsustainability of the private healthcare sector.  Employers are cutting health benefits, jobs – or both.  Healthy individuals who purchase their own health insurance will no longer be able to afford their own plan.  Doctors with decades of experience plan to retire due to the cumbersome mandates, restrictions, and paperwork.  Even many Democrats believe this plan is unworkable and are looking for leadership to stop this travesty from taking root.
So why isn't Obamacare bigger in the headlines, given its continued unpopularity with the American public? You're smart - you know that attention on Obamacare may provoke people to cry out against it before it is too late to do anything about it. Fight back against the government and complicit media by doing it anyway. Contact your elected representatives. Go ahead - it only takes a few minutes. It is time to remind our political ruling class who gave them power to rule, and who can take it away.

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