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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Putin is laughing at us, taking advantage of us, and Obama seems to think that is as it should be for all we hear. Meanwhile Congress and Obama are bent on ignoring what Americans want and need domestically and pushing their own agendas.

I'm tired of politicians. I'm tired of the media spinning what politicians do and say into something good for the politician as if it would also be good for America. I'm not alone.

A liberal friend of mine hailed an recent Onion article saying that a majority of Americans support sending Congress to Syria! Right on.

Given our lack of enthusiasm for our current political leaders - most of whom ignore the very people who sent them to Washington - we oughtta start talking more seriously about The Liberty Amendments. Rightist or leftist, doesn't matter. No one is happy with this Big Government except the ones who ignore them entirely. Let's take back the country by overriding Congress - legally. Check out the link if you haven't before.

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