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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What will Obamacare cost you?

Someone at Red State has created some charts designed to help you answer that very question. Brace yourselves before heading over there. It doesn't make much sense, like most government-run plans.
The magical cut-off number, according to Kaiser, is around $16,600. An individual making that much money will be about as well off if he or she gets a Bronze level health care plan as s/he would simply paying the $95 tax [to not buy insurance]. Anybody making between that and about $33,000 will get some subsidies, but – and here’s the important part – it’ll still be cheaper to pay the tax. Anybody making more than that? …No subsidies, obviously; and to be fair, people making that kind of money start to be the kind of people who have health care through their jobs anyway*.
More craziness and wastes of money from government interference. Story of our lives. How long are Americans going to put up with this treatment? How many unpopular bills with expensive consequences before we say enough already and take Mark Levin's advice (see yesterday's post)?

Defund Obamacare today!

Links below from Drudge, Breitbart, and Weekly Standard.

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