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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More crony-capitalism

For a party who likes to point fingers at GOP crony-capitalism, they sure engage in it a bunch themselves. Classic political behavior. Examples? Solyndra, other green companies who went bankrupt on the taxpayers' dime, even the GM bailout could be thought of as crony-capitalism. There are plenty of other examples. Latest evidence? Obama's visit to Amazon less than a week before the founder of Amazon bought the Washington Post - the newspaper which spends an inordinate amount of time praising Democrats, inflating egos of liberal politicians, and loving Big Government in general.
But, as critics pointed out, Amazon was an odd pick to roll out a speech about middle class jobs and minimum wage. Last year, the Seattle Times reported that Amazon employees at fulfillment centers were overworked and allegedly pressured not to report injuries.Furthermore, many of the jobs at the warehouses are of the $11 per hour variety, hardly hallmarks of middle class job creation. Last Monday, the White House was hard-pressed to explain the Amazon visit in the first place, other than in generic terms. Even more tellingly, Jay Greene of the Seattle Times reports that both the White House and Amazon refused to answer which party had solicited the President’s visit, and the White House declined comment on Amazon’s employment practices.
The sale of the Post was supposed to be top-secret, with staffers asked not to tweet about it for ten minutes. But it’s more than possible that the Obama administration had some advance notice about the sale, and that Obama appeared at the Amazon warehouse as a sign of good faith to Bezos prior to the move. Bezos has not been averse to holding hands with President Obama, either; back in October 2009, Bezos had lunch with Obama, at precisely the time Amazon was pitching cloud-computing services to the feds. This year, Amazon received a lucrative 10-year, $600 million cloud contract with the CIA, despite its bid being higher than that of competitor IBM. Bezos also backed Obama’s plan for an internet sales tax. 

By the way, the Tea Party exists to counter Big Government and crony-capitalism. To counter the threat of American citizens realizing they are absolutely right and join them to the dismissal of most of our current politicians, the Tea Party is demonized by the Washington Post and the rest of liberal media, including most cable networks. Even the Republican Party demonizes them because the ones in Washington are Big Government politicians. If you have a sour taste in your mouth whenever you hear the Tea Party mentioned, it's because you don't really know them. You've been indoctrinated - infected - with the liberal point of view, which is sadly shared by much of the GOP.

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