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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Games with Foreign Policy

Great points from Rush lately, who I will quote. If you've never heard Rush yourself, then try him out because I guarantee you he is not what the media makes him out to be. The points I'm using from Rush are regarding terrorism and Obama's handling of it. Basically, Obama must think we're all idiots hand in hand with thinking himself clever.
RUSH: To show you how the country is changing in a very serious way, last night was the first time since this massive upgraded terror warning was put into effect on Sunday, this was the first time the president of the United States spoke to the American people about this.  We closed 21 embassies in the Middle East on Sunday for a full week... The president of the United States went to a late-night comedy show for his first-ever statement about this increased terror threat.  

On the terror threat itself:
So they announce the closing of the embassies, and then, while Obama's telling us he's got Al-Qaeda on the run, we leak the actual details of that call, which gives up, tells these terrorists, Zawahiri and the others, not to use whatever form of communication they were using because it's been compromised.  So now they're gonna go do something else that we can't follow.  Why in the world would you do this?  Why would you leak this?  Isn't it enough to say that the chatter was serious and it's causing potentially grave consequences, we have to shut the embassies?  
Long answer short to that question: Obama likes to pat himself on the back, even though he gives up this tool since he gives away to the terrorists that they've been tapped so they're going to turn to other means that haven't been discovered yet - meaning we can't keep spying on them. Obama, king of the short view in foreign policy!

Lastly, Valerie Jarret (unauthorized) may have issued the order to stand down in Benghazi. Either that or Obama did, and he's not telling. Again, who does he take us for?
I don't know how many times that I made the statement on this program, "The secretary of defense cannot order people to stand down.  The secretary of defense cannot order, on the other hand, forces from, say, Italy to enter the theater and engage.  That has to come via the chain of command. That has to come from the top, and the top in this case is Obama, not an aide."  So if this is true, this really, really is a bombshell. 
So we don't know. This website's asserting that Valerie Jarrett gave the order and that Panetta and everybody abided by it. "Stand down!" They stood down. They didn't do anything.  So the question is one of two things: "Did they simply think that Valerie Jarrett was speaking for Obama," remember, he's off the grid by now, "or was she on her own exercising her own authority?"
Remember all the stories that we've had about the number of really powerful women in the Obama inner circle that have a lot of autonomy and do call a lot of shots.  Valerie Jarrett is one such person in this administration, eminently trusted by Obama. She is a genuine Alinskyite, a roll-up-the-sleeves community organizer acolyte.  I mean, she is Obama. She's one of these people that would not have to be given an order by Obama to know what he wanted. 
We asked for this, folks. Don't say conservatives didn't warn you, but reelecting Obama is asking for more of the same.

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