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Friday, July 12, 2013

This is SO not cool.

White House holds Obamacare background briefing with liberal reporters

Imagine, for a second, that Republicans had done this. As in Bush invited prominent conservative leading journalists - imagine, since there really aren't more than a handful - and declared to them how to push his agenda. How up in arms the liberal media would be! Well, that's how we conservatives feel when we see Obama do it. Journalism as an independent-thinking, scandal-exposing, pursuant of evil stories wherever they are found is a lofty ideal, but has never existed in practice. It's impossible, because journalists are people with opinions. By nature! Read both sides, folks. I'm telling you, if you only look at Obama-approved media you'll find an entirely different picture of America today than the one portrayed/exposed by the right. The one that matches up with the America I see would definitely be the right, but you can make your own opinions - after you've studied up on both points of view.

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