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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sessions on Immigration

The American Spectator published (will publish? It's online right now.) an interview with conservative Senator Jeff Sessions who has won many fights against amnesty in the past and is working hard behind the scenes against the current one, as always - purely political bills rarely benefit Americans (see Obamacare). This immigration bill is bigger than its predecessors, granting citizenship to upwards of 10% of our current population - a large chunk of people to compete for American jobs at a time of high underemployment and unemployment. The conclusion:
BY THE TIME this magazine appears in mailboxes and on newsstands, the fate of the Gang of Eight bill may well be decided. But even if, like so many of its predecessors, it fails to pass, one gathers that the fight, for Sessions, will not be over. “American workers have been on a retrograde path,” he told me. “These are the people who’ve fought our wars, who manage our buildings, who produce our widgets. One way to make their lives better is not to dump into America an incredibly large number of new workers to compete for their jobs, their children’s jobs, their grandchildren’s jobs.”
I asked him whether he understands the feelings of his Republican colleagues who want to put the immigration issue behind them. “Yes, but that doesn’t mean you pass anything,” he said. He refuses to support any immigration bill that does not strengthen border security and facilitate the identification and deportation of future illegal immigrants. “If you’re not willing to do that,” he said, “you can’t tell the American people that you have a plan that will work, that will be honorable, and that we can be proud of.” 
Right on.

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