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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fair trial?

Is that even possible any more? Judges and lawyers all have their agendas, after all, and juries don't want to seem un-PC, liberal though PC is.  Poor Zimmerman got railroaded by the judge, of all people! That is not supposed to happen in a U.S. Court of Law.

Judge Nelson also ruled this week that Trayvon Martin’s text messages, which showed that Martin had been involved in fights before and was trying to buy or sell a gun, cannot be shown to the jury, which some suggested was another indication of an anti-Zimmerman bias.
Nelson also granted a request by prosecutors to block the defense’s attempt to show the jury a computer-animated depiction of the fight between Martin and Zimmerman.
She is also likely to allow the jury to consider lesser charges against Zimmerman in light of the prosecution’s probable failure to prove its case for second-degree murder, another indication that the state is desperate to avoid him walking free.
Judge Nelson has been very careful at every stage of the trial to dismiss evidence or testimony that could convince the jury in favor of acquitting Zimmerman.
Now some are asking the question – did Nelson’s aggressive outburst represent an attempt to prejudice the jury against Zimmerman?
Given the likelihood that Zimmerman will be acquitted, has Judge Nelson been put under pressure by the federal government to aggressively advocate for the prosecution, just as Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was apparently pressured to vote to uphold Obamacare?
Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Is this even America anymore?  If the government or a political party or ideology has the power to determine the outcome of events over the rule of law or a trial by jury, then it absolutely isn't America. Obama wants parts of Obamacare ignored now, though it is law, to name just one additional example out of hundreds of possibilties. Good-by, Constitution.  Good-by, America.

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