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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fact Checkers review

It's probably time for a chronic reminder that "fact-checkers" are often used to advance agendas, whether or not what they check is really true or false.

Here's a classic case:
Politifact deserves 'Pants on Fire' on religious liberty and gay marriage.

In short, a lawyer reviews their ruling of "half true" that religious liberty is under assualt during the advance of LGTB rights with individuals and businesses threatened with fine and jail time for refusing service for religious reasons, even though there is nothing half-way about it. I do recommend the article in entirety if you have time. If nothing else, consider this:

This is a big story--a serious story--and one that you can expect liberal media outlets to ignore or downplay in their efforts to avoid any negative stories involving supporters of traditional marriage. It’s harder to call someone an ignorant bigot when you see them suffering because they’re simply trying to live out their faith in their daily life.   
Reporters without law degrees or law licenses presuming to dismiss the legal judgments of professional attorneys to promote a left-wing media agenda by saying traditional-marriage supporters’ claims are only “half true” might satisfy liberal editors and colleagues, but it is an appalling betrayal of the public trust because it deceives the public on the truth on a matter that impacts many millions of Americans. Such abysmal pseudo-journalism should be spurned for the toxic waste it is.
Americans seek the news to understand the truth about what’s going on in their world. Some outlets won’t give the people that, which is why we will.
All of which illustrates the importance of considering more than one viewpoint in forming opinions.

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