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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Did Mitt Romney's faith cost him the election?

A book by a best-selling author surmises so. A summary is found over at WND. What interests me most, though, is the comment section over there: apparently plenty of readers think Mitt Romney's loss has nothing to do with his religion, yet many other commenters bash Mormons and Mormonism and Romney as a Mormon. Hmmm....

If nothing else, I gather that my faith is still a hot topic for "discussion." What I would love to see happen (not that it happens much in comment sections) is for people to actually listen to each other and learn instead of shouting inflammatory words with closed minds. Seriously, if someone is going to raise a bunch of questions or throw accusations about Mormons - as a people/culture and the LDS Church and the doctrine we believe - which are sometimes true, false and/or distorted, then they may as well have the decency to listen to the answers from those who practice the faith. Reading both sides, you know?

Ask your questions in the comment section and I will answer. Respectfully and Civilly, please, as is my standard requirement for publishing comments.

I am pleased that most Mormon commenters keep their tones peaceable, in keeping with the gospel of Jesus Christ who taught that contention is of the devil. It is possible to discuss opposing viewpoints without using inflammatory words.

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