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Monday, July 1, 2013


Here's your read of the day from American Spectator:
And Davis’s position is not merely at odds with Americans in general, and American women in particular, she is swimming against the international tide as well. As Melinda Hennebergerwrites in the Washington Post, “The Texas law is not unlike legislation on the books all over Western Europe, where late-term abortions are rightly considered barbaric.” Peggy Noonan reiteratedthat point on ABC yesterday morning: “She is speaking for and standing for something we recognize as infanticide, late-term abortion, the taking of a little child’s life… something that even in Europe they call a matter of brutality and barbarism.”
Nonetheless, Davis has certainly accomplished her obvious goal. Last week this time, she was a virtually unknown member of the minority party in a state legislature that meets every other year. Today, she is a national celebrity. She is particularly beloved of the establishment “news” media, which have treated her as if she were a combination of Joan of Arc, Susan B. Anthony and Lady Diana. And this exposure may be enough to get her to Washington. Unfortunately, on late-term abortion, Davis and the Democrat party are once again on the wrong side of history, just as they were on the slavery question.
I truly don't understand how any one - of any ideology - could feel comfortable killing a child born alive or that could be born alive (3rd trimester). It's genocide, but with voiceless victims. Murder, as others have said. Why can a mom who flushes her newborn in a toilet or throws it in a dumpster be prosecuted but not those who have a late-term abortion?

On a side note, late-term abortions put the life of the mother at risk too. They are messy, dangerous things, speaking here as the wife of someone in the medical world.

I didn't know before reading this article that Europe doesn't allow them. I don't consider their society more moral than that of the United States very often, but in this they certainly are.

That second paragraph marvelously illustrates that topic I love: the bias inherent in media. Read both sides, folks! You just might learn something instead of be dogmatized.

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