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Friday, June 21, 2013

Twin problems of immigration and domestic spying

I hadn't put these thoughts together in so many words, but Ann Coulter did in her column this week. Use the link to read the whole thing, and explore past columns if you missed her  lessons on American immigration policy through the years and their effect.
That's why the National Security Act of 1947, creating the CIA, expressly prohibited the agency from engaging in domestic operations. Now we have to spy on Americans because of all the imported Tsarnaevs and Zazis. We have created two huge problems where none existed before -- domestic terrorism and government spying -- all to help the Democrats win elections by changing the electorate. 

Not only do our post-1965 immigration policies create an unemployment problem, not only have they massively increased the crime rate, but now all Americans are being asked to give up their civil liberties to fulfill Teddy Kennedy's dream of bringing the entire Third World to live right here in America. (And vote Democrat!) 

When we're referring to "American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki" -- provoking Rand Paul to carry on for 13 hours about Obama killing an "American citizen" with a drone -- the phrase "American citizen" has lost its essential meaning. We don't have a drone problem. We don't have a spying problem. We have an immigration problem. 

Meanwhile, the headlines on Drudge tell you the state of affairs:
Newly Developed Robot Flies Like Real Bird; Able to Perform Reconnaissance, Surveillance...O SLUMPS TO 44%...Will: President scarily detached from reality...

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