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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Plea from Senator Cruz on Immigration

This from an interview today on Rush Limbaug's show, after Cruz explained that even a majority of Hispanics are opposed to this immigration bill:

 I would urge every one of your listeners to do two things.  Number one, come to a website we formed:, and sign a national petition.
 But number two, every one of your listeners, I would encourage them, pick up the phone and call your Senator and call your House member.
It works tremendously.  It is amazing what hearing from the grassroots can do.  The reason President Obama's gun control proposals were killed, his proposals to undermine the Second Amendment, is because hundreds of thousands of Americans began slamming the phone lines, and all of the Senators that were leaning towards supporting it suddenly said, "Holy cow, the folks back home don't like this."  I mean, Washington is a bubble, and there is nothing more powerful than the conservative grassroots when we are engaged and letting our voice be heard. 

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