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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Natural Law and the war against religion

I want you all to read a caller's conversation with Rush Limbaugh yesterday. It explains much better than I attempted to do for you last year the relationship between God and natural law: God-given rights to humanity and laws of behavior, as it were.
CALLER:  I want to talk with you about what I think is the strategy behind the left's assault on religion.  What I was thinking is that it's an assault on the Constitution, because the underpinnings of the Constitution are natural law and inalienable rights.  
RUSH:  Let me ask you a question.  You seem like a well-informed and considerate person.  You're thoughtful.  Would you explain to people what your definition of "natural law" is?  I happen to think a lot of people are confused when they hear natural law. "God? What do you mean, natural law?" How would you explain it to people?  
CALLER:  I would explain it that as a human being, we are given certain rights and liberties by a Creator, and those are the natural laws that men and women are meant to be free and have as much liberty as possible. And the underpinning of the Constitution are that, natural law and the so-called inalienable rights.  
RUSH:  That's true, folks.  Natural law is the law that comes by virtue of creation, before any human dictator or whatever comes in and starts writing them. 
CALLER: Exactly.
RUSH: And the yearning to be free and the right to be free is a God-given right.  You're exactly right.  And the Constitution, the founders -- you're right -- were heavily dependent on natural law. So your theory is that the attack on God is an attack on natural law.  
CALLER:  If there is no God, there is no one to give us natural law and inalienable rights.
RUSH:  Right.  If there's no God, there's no natural law.  If there's no God, there's no normalcy. There's no right or wrong.  It's up to governments to decide it.   
CALLER:  Morals would have to come from... I'm sorry.  
RUSH:  No.  It's up to people to decide themselves what right and wrong is. There's no final arbiter or anything.
CALLER: Right.
RUSH: Except the Supreme Court.
CALLER:  And that would be government.
RUSH:  Right.  Government, Supreme Court or what have you. Well, I think you're right.  The assault on God has been going on since before all of us were born.  God is a frightening thing to people who don't believe. It's scary. To people who don't believe in God, it's one of the scariest things they can contemplate, and they want to get rid of it.  It's not something believers can prove.  It requires faith.  People don't want to invest faith. 
It just scares the hell out of them, and they don't want to run around guilty all day.  They don't want to feel guilty as they're having "fun," as they define it, so they say, "Just get rid of it," and in the process of getting rid of God, you get rid of the country, get rid of the Constitution.  
Exactly! This is a vital thing to understand in today's debate between ideologies. And good to remember as we gear up for the 4th of July too!

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