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Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I've been wondering what to write about next with so many interesting things going on right now. Then I saw this headline: Wed. May 1st is 'Everybody Blog About Pigford Day.' That's certainly appropriate as any.

In the spirit of citizen journalism overriding mainstream media filters, Wednesday, May 1 will be "Everybody Blog About #Pigford" Day. All journalists, bloggers, and inspired writers are invited to contribute their thoughts about the Pigford scandal--one of Andrew Breitbart's most important and passionate journalistic causes.

Not familiar with Pigford? Not too surprising unless you read conservative media regularly. Back in early 2010 Andrew Breitbart uncovered that the US Department of Agriculture was engaged in rampant fraud with the blessing of Barack Obama, essentially handing out money to any Native American or African American who claimed - however dishonestly - to be a farmer. A summary states:
"To establish oneself as a farmer for the purposes of Pigford," the authors assert, "it would all but do to establish that you had once bought a seed and passed within a country mile of a USDA office. And to establish that you were discriminated against there, it would all but do to affirm on a form that you found that experience less than satisfactory--and to have your second cousin affirm that you told him as much at the time."
NR goes on to note that the Pigford payout scheme spawned a "cottage industry," as groups sprang to life aimed at getting as many applicants as possible, whether they were farmers or not. The fraud endemic to this rush to sign people up is shocking.
"Basically, it was a rip-off of the American taxpayers," the magazine quotes one participant as saying.
All of this started before President Obama came to office, to be sure. But did he ride in on his "transparency" horse to fix the mess? Not in the least, NR says.
But as the Times reports in great depth, instead of closing the spigot, in 2010 the Obama administration did not just acquiesce to, it spearheaded the expansion of, the Pigford con on the taxpayer’s dime, and saw to it that not just black Americans, but any woman, Hispanic, or Native American who could so much as gesture at discrimination had access to a billion-dollar pool of easy money.
Worse, NR points out that Obama expanded the payouts even over the objections of the Justice Department's own lawyers.

This is old news, really, but it is just now receiving national reattention because the NYT finally reported on it - now that Obama's reelection is over and well before the 2014 midterms, doing a 180 from their pro-Pigford stance in Feburary of 2010. Breitbart hired a liberal reporter to investigate further a long time ago. That reporter says:
Andrew knew that the Pigford scandal was something that was too big to just be covered by conservative media so when I suggested going on the road to do interviews with some key figures in the story, Breitbart took a leap of faith that a guy he'd just met who wrote for HuffPo and had done work for MoveOn would report the story honestly. Andrew had checked out the work I'd done on the John Edwards affair and could see I placed a higher value on truth than staying in lockstep with liberal messaging but still, it was a risk on his part and an example of his dedication to the truth.
A funny thing happened on the road, though; I stopped being a liberal.
Such is the transformative power of the farmers' settlement story, which lays bare the moral bankruptcy of the left by showing their pretense of altruistic concern on race issues is really just a way to buy votes and line the pockets of lawyers and fraudsters. Knowing what I knew about Pigford, it was impossible to maintain any respect for President Barack Obama and his cohorts in corruption.
Fraud and abuse of government programs doesn't stop with Pigford, naturally. It's rampant with food stamps, Obamaphones, "green" energy and transportation, etc. Your tax dollars at work, folks. It shouldn't be news any more than government wastes our money and wants even more taxes hauled in so they can waste even more of it. But it is news, because "the news" won't do something so balanced and nonpartisan as to cover it.

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