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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Amidst frequent liberal media defenses of Obama and his cronies with Benghazi and the IRS flap - and occasional insistence that Americans deserve to have the answers to their questions - I found that Obama is considering replacing DOJ Eric Holder with Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick after the hullabaloo about these scandals dies down. Eric Holder is only slightly damaged from Fast and Furious investigations last year, because the media ignored that scandal. The IRS head is slated for departure as well, though he says it was planned.

The problem for Obama is that cutting down his cronies still doesn't deflect blame away from himself, no matter how much he insists he knows absolutely nothing about any of these problems in his administration. Either he's covering something up or he's doing a bad job as president by not knowing these things in his own administration, and either way he's failing America.

I'm inclined to believe his cronies are doing exactly what he wants them to do, whether or not the paper trail leads directly to Obama. He is from Chicago, after all. It probably does lead to him in each case, since released emails concerning Benghazi, for example, omit the first 67 hours, yet still contradict the WH story. And he has not yet answered questions related to the IRS targeting his political enemies.

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