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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

As hard as being a mother is or can be, it is motherhood - even mothering others' children for those without their own - that refines us women, and makes us our best selves, if we let it. In the LDS Church, the women don't have the priesthood but those who understand the purpose of the priesthood know that motherhood teaches women the same character traits that priesthood teaches men: to selflessly serve others, love, be patient, be humble, prayerful, etc. We women don't need the priesthood to teach us those. All is designed and set up to further our eternal progression as it is. We are equal partners with the men. The blessings of the priesthood such as eternal families are available to all, and it doesn't matter than women don't hold the priesthood.

I've heard discontent by those who don't understand this. LDS families aren't asked to "multiply and replenish the earth" because they think that our worth as women is in childbearing. That's not why. It's because not only do God's spirit children need good families to learn about Him on earth, we learn and become like Him as we parent.

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