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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Government Response

In the wake of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, I remain disappointed in the federal government just as I am following any national disaster. The oil spill, Hurricane Sandy, 9-11, the Fort Hood terrorist - all are politicized, and never more so than under President Obama, aided cheerfully by the liberal media. The government stands in the way of recovery when they turn disaster into something political. Not that I would expect any less from the Obama administration.

I'm proud of those in Boston who rise to the occasion and help each other at this time of great need, including the local officials. Proud and grateful that there are still so many good people in this country who are willing to give from their hearts without preconditions.


  1. How did the federal government politicize the attack in Boston?

    1. Various Congressmen are chalking it up to the sequester, Obama won't admit he slashed the domestic counter-terrorism program 45% (on Drudge yesterday), the president himself won't say it's terrorism even though it is whether or not it's from a US citizen, etc.

  2. Hmm... seems to me you're in the same game of politicizing this tragedy.

    I'm not sure how you move from "various Congressmen" to the "federal government" as a singular entity. Plenty of other sources have, correctly, called out individual representatives for politicizing the attack.

    In the RedState post, "The Grotesque Politicization of the Boston Bombing," Dana Loesch calls out Esquire, CNN, a superintendent of Wisconsin schools, Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times and a few others, but doesn't mention President Obama or the "federal government."

    In his first statement, President Obama did not call the attack terrorism. In his second, he did.

    1. It seems we're splitting hairs. Who is the federal government besides the individuals who work for it? So many spokespeople from so many branches of the federal government doing what? Politicizing a tragedy. It's not like I gave you every example there is out there. Maybe it's not yet been as politicized as some other tragedies in our past, but it's there all the same. The less I hear expressed from anyone in the federal government besides sympathy or maybe aid or action if called for on the federal level, the better.
      You know, the good old days of "We'll get to the bottom of this and keep Americans safe." Their job. Not pontificating on who or what or why - though the liberal media is definitely more guilty of that than the government directly, not that the media doesn't carry water for liberal politicians who can't say what they want to say without some political repercussions.

    2. I don't think we're just splitting hairs. I'm disappointed to see you doing the same thing that you profess to find distasteful.

      You write, "The less I hear expressed from anyone in the federal government besides sympathy or maybe aid or action if called for on the federal level, the better." I agree, though I think you can drop the federal government from your statement and just go with, "The less I hear expressed from anyone ... besides sympathy."

      Why didn't you just write a simple post, offering your condolences? Instead, you've used this tragedy as a vehicle to express your dislike of "big government" and the Obama administration. Why not wait a bit and observe how things unfold before condemning "the federal government's" response? Why not write a constructive post-mortem instead of vague generalizations about "the federal government" less than 24 hours after the event?

    3. I'm sorry to disappoint. Why are you so insistent that I admit I'm wrong? I saw your point though I didn't know I had to ask your forgiveness! Sheesh.

      I wrote this post truly disappointed in my government, because they politicize tragedies (towards liberals' favor, always) and that truly is tragic. Yet they do it every single time. It doesn't hurt to remember that, in my opinion, because all too many people don't think to question what conjecture they hear in the aftermath of a tragedy. Think Libya - though that admitted had a lot more to do with failures of the federal government, not that conjecture led in that direction, naturally, with the Obama-protecting media at the helm.

      If you don't share my opinion, you can write your own post on your own blog.