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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lies, his budget is all lies

Obama's budget is ridiculous and doesn't deserve to share a name with the household kinds that people follow to live within their means.

Here are some bulleted points, explained in detail at the source.

  • It boosts spending and deficits the next two years (at least)
  • It vastly exaggerates spending cuts which are actually next to nonexistent
  • It relies almost entirely on tax hikes
  • It cuts the annual deficit far less than claimed (doesn't even begin to address the total debt)
  • It creates a new entitlement without adequate means to pay for it (though they ignore that Obamacare also fits that bill in spades, the one referred to is public preschool)
  • Boosts taxes on the middle class, at a time the middle class are cutting expenses left and right

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