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Friday, March 29, 2013

What scientists don't know

Ah, they're admitting it at last. Climate scientists have no idea why global warming trends abruptly stopped a while back.

Now, I'm a scientist. Not a climate scientist, yet scientist enough to know that there is very little that humans understand about the workings of the earth, and less still about human impact on the earth. A brief study of the Middle Ages ought to reassure everyone that the earth can survive warming periods such as when citrus grew in the UK, and that warming is not necessarily irreversible! Nor would cooling spell ultimate doom, though it would certainly limit crop growth more than warming would. Ice ages are periodic on this planet.

In conclusion, the earth's climate changes as it always has and most likely always will and we can stop preaching paranoia, right? Media, I'm talking to you and the people who issue government grants to people studying PC things that aid government in raising taxes!

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