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Saturday, March 9, 2013


This morning, what do I find but an article, "My filibuster was just the beginning," by Senator Rand Paul - not in the Washington Times- a conservative outlet- but in the Washington Post! This is less surprising than it looks at the outset and I'll tell you why: Rand Paul rattled progressives by asking the questions they're used to the Democrats asking Republicans - questions like what limits the use of drones against American citizens. Basically, who gave you the right to determine who to kill, Obama?

Paul says:
The Senate has the power to restrain the executive branch — and my filibuster was the beginning of the fight to restore a healthy balance of powers. The president still needs to definitively say that the United States will not kill American noncombatants. The Constitution’s Fifth Amendment applies to all Americans; there are no exceptions.
The outpouring of support for my filibuster has been overwhelming and heartening. My office has fielded thousands of calls. Millions have followed this debate on TV, Twitter and Facebook. On Thursday, the White House produced another letter explaining its position on drone strikes. But the administration took too long, and parsed too many words and phrases, to instill confidence in its willingness or ability to protect our liberty.
I hope my efforts help spur a national debate about the limits of executive power and the scope of every American’s natural right to be free. “Due process” is not just a phrase that can be ignored at the whim of the president; it is a right that belongs to every citizen in this great nation.
I believe the support I received this past week shows that Americans are looking for someone to really stand up and fight for them. And I’m prepared to do just that. 
Thank you, Rand Paul.

And thank you Washington Post, for being less anti-Republican than usual. Partisanship is blind no matter who practices it, and the media isn't supposed to shield Democrats and attack Republicans without turning the tables the other way around half the time. Not that any of them practice that. Hence the arise of new conservative media. Read both for balance!

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