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Thursday, March 7, 2013


Liberals (with the help of the media) are happy to punish law abiding citizens and prevent them from defending themselves, partly in the name of not "stigmatizing" the mentally ill - which is all a crock because the stigma that exists is that we can't talk about mental illness even though it would greatly help people to understand and sympathize with those who suffer from it, as well as learn what few kinds of mental illnesses pose a threat to the public and which do not. I am so pleased that Ann Coulter isn't letting the subject die.
After the slaughters at Virginia Tech, Aurora, Colo., Tucson, Ariz., and Newtown, Conn., every sentient person knows we need to do something about institutionalizing the mentally ill and -- at the very least -- keeping guns out of their hands. 

That happens to be impossible right now. Involuntary commitments even for the severely psychotic went the way of vagrancy laws. Although federal law technically requires background checks to include records of mental illness, the states and mental health industry refuse to provide that information. 

Of course, the vast majority of mentally disturbed individuals are not dangerous. But looking at it from the other end, more than half of all mass murder is committed by the mentally ill. Gun ownership doesn't lead to random murder rampages; mental illness does. 
Excellent article with excellent points. Use the link above to read it in entirety. To see references to her previous articles on the subject, search for "mental illness" on this blog or search her page.

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