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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Glory killers

Now that the Newtown shooter's computer's spreadsheet of hundreds of mass murderers has been found, and that he "scored" the killers according to their success in killing, it seems that he really was living in his own video game based world. It's very sad.

Again, we need to look closer at what we can do better in getting mental health care to those who need it for our own safety. It is quite apparent with that spreadsheet that he chose the location he did precisely because he could inflict more casualties in a gun free defenseless school than probably anywhere else. Read the story if you like. Prepare to be disturbed if you do.

I will not rehash what I've covered previously about specific inadequacies in mental health care. Since I've only got an iPad to work with the next several days it will be easier for you with computers to search out previous posts than me!

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