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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


I've long accused Obama of acting only out of political motivations from start to finish, whether the issue be lying to the public (saying one thing and doing another) or his energy policy or foreign policy or Obamacare or Fast and Furious or Libya. He doesn't care if it hurts the people he's "trying" to help or is unpopular: he furthers the liberal agenda. Period.

Now former aides are writing about this Obama, whose character has been long shielded from Americans by the loyal liberal media. is President Obama's turn to watch as former aides and journalists rush into print -- with a warp speed that eluded the insider memoirists of the 1970s -- their detailed and dishy accounts of the first Obama term.
Perhaps most arresting, however, is Nasr's portrayal of President Obama. The commander-in-chief is depicted here as "dithering" on key Afghan war decisions, tasking national security aides with the same questions, rephrased in minor ways, over and over. Nasr also casts Obama as quick to abandon foreign policy promises made on the campaign trail and too reliant on individuals unqualified to weigh in on foreign policy.
"The president had a truly disturbing habit," Nasr writes, "of funneling major foreign-policy decisions through a small cabal of relatively inexperienced White House advisors whose turf was strictly politics. ... His actions from start to finish were guided by politics. ... It was no surprise that our AfPak policy took one step forward and two steps back."

As I said all along. Not that I'm a politician or political adviser - but really, the only way to explain Obama's positions and actions past and present is politics. Plain old ugly self-serving politics.

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  1. Yes - very depressing that this particular President is so skilled in politics, and quite abysmal in governing, while Mr. Romney had somewhat opposite problems.