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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Defunding Obamacare

I know this is hard to read, but a subtitle for this chart is "The Real ObamaCare Tax Burden Vs The Promised One."  Note the visible change in number of digits between when Obamacare was passed and more recently. The chart is from  The TaxProfBlog and I found it at RedState.

There's more to this story. Not only will Obamacare cost more to implement than projected (which is NO surprise given the history of any program implemented by the federal government as opposed to the private sector which knows it operates with a limited amount of capital), Obamacare is relatively easy to defund after all - yet the House Republicans have failed to do so. There were big hopes that Boehner would make a move when he assumed leadership in 2010 but he never did. He's playing politics in a different way than Obama and the Democrats and he's losing. Meaning all Americans are losing. We're not reigning in spending, we're not balancing the budget, we're not overturning Obamacare, we're not getting a more responsible (with our money) government. He could have done a lot had he acted more like Gingrich, but he didn't.

Meanwhile Obama has declared that he has no intention to balance the federal budget - like he doesn't see the need, that this debt bubble is no problem, that he doesn't need to stop or slow his spending habits with taxpayer dollars. No wonder he's already racked up more deficit than Bush did in eight years!

We'll have to work with the Republicans because the Democrats for the most part are not interested in voting against the party line. Government spending and Obamacare both continue to be unpopular with American taxpayers and it's high time our leadership took us seriously. It's time to put some pressure on Boehner and the other House Republicans - pressure to join Ted Cruz in defunding an entitlement we can't afford. See the details here for defunding Obamacare and contact your Republican representatives in both the Senate and the House today.

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