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Monday, February 18, 2013

Technological Advances in Energy

I found a most interesting report (at least to nerdy me) about something that may just bring the Keystone Pipeline into a reality:

Spawned in space, the latest in pipeline leak detection systems can save lives, save the industry money, and has the potential to do the unthinkable: bring environmentalists and industry leaders together. 

If you're interested in how it works exactly, then use the link above. I'll spare you the nerdiness here! But the cost?
Pipeline operators could spend 10 times more on than they currently do on leak detection and still end up spending less than they do in response to accidents.
Sounds like a deal! Let's hope that the environmentalists who have Obama's ear (and that of Democrats in Congress) agree. The world runs on fossil fuels whether they like it or not, and the industry as a whole has already come a long way in protecting the environment as well as demonstrating that fossil fuels are by no means running out.

"Green" energies are their own problem - they  just don't compare in productivity, safety, or affordability in comparison with traditional fossil fuels. Yet. I'm not saying they should give up research and development, but I am saying that green energies need more time and testing before forcing them upon the public. Mercury light bulbs costing folks  $2000 in hazardous waste removal if they break, for example? Chevy Volts spontaneously combusting? No thanks.

Meanwhile the "green" crowd publishes faulty information against safe and effective practices in the world of fossil fuels such as fracking. If you don't know much about fracking, please consider reading that article linked - it is scientifically based instead of hyped-up rot claiming to be scientific.

An "all of the above" approach should most certainly include the vigorous development of proven resources, such as the Keystone Pipeline and will have the added benefit of providing employment and stimulating the economy. Call or contact your Congressmen today.

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