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Saturday, February 2, 2013


Illustrating just exactly who the Republicans in Congress are dealing with.

One starts to get the idea here that Obama isn’t trying to get a deal at all. Just as in the “fiscal cliff” and the rest of his second-term agenda, the goal seems to enrage the right, divide the GOP and set the table for a Democratic victory in 2014.

The American people saw that the Republicans were cutting spending in December, and they didn't like it, and they got all depressed.  So they stopped spending money because the Republicans were cutting spending.  It's what Dingy Harry is saying.  You stop spending. You stop buying gas. You stop buying cars, stop buying TVs, stop buying cell phones, stop buying iPads, who knows, whatever, because you saw the Republicans slashing spending.  And, yeah, they were gonna take us over the fiscal cliff.  So the Republicans are responsible.  And, of course, folks, the low-information voters soak all this up and believe it. 
The truth of the matter is, of course, you know and I know there weren't any cuts in government spending.  

 First of all, the figure of roughly 30,000 gun deaths per year was endlessly tossed about after Newtown and in the recent Senate hearings about gun violence. Thirty thousand is a huge number. But I didn’t hear anyone say that two-thirds of those gun deaths were suicides – self-inflicted gun deaths. (...)
Now, even after subtracting the sad suicides, something else is going on: deaths by firearms are wildly heavily concentrated in the African-American population of this country. The rate of firearms deaths per 100,000 population is about four times higher in the black population than in the white population. 
Gang-related killings account for much of this difference. In large cities with mostly black populations — such as Newark, Detroit, New Orleans — the rate of firearms deaths is almost unbelievably high compared with the rate in the mostly white suburbs. (...)
Now, in no way should either of these grim phenomena be used to minimize the other. But it amazes me that the whole country, the whole world, goes berserk about the killings in a charming town in Connecticut, as we should — while the daily slaughter of black youths by other black youths is just part of the wallpaper of modern life.
Obviously, we would like to stop as much gun homicide in any area as we can. But I have not seen any proposal from the White House that would make it a national priority to seriously crack down on gang activity, drug sales turf activity, just plain macho g-thing activity and to take the Glocks out of the inner city. (...)
Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. And we pay very little attention to it when the people on both ends of the barrel are black. The national shame of gun violence is not coming from gun shows or guns that look like military weapons. It’s not coming from Idaho or Montana or Wyoming or the duck blinds of Talbot County, Maryland. It’s coming from people who live in a culture of violence and death that we as a nation sometimes worship and more often ignore. Something’s very wrong here.
“He’s [Obama is] the biggest celebrity in the world. But is he ready to lead?” It sure doesn’t look like it so far. 

In conclusion, Republicans in Congress are dealing with people out to intimidate and destroy them politically, people who ignore and even cover up facts when it suits them, people who blatantly lie about the GOP to the media - knowing that the American public is too ignorant to catch them in their lies for the most part. It's all about getting and keeping voters to the Democrats. That's why they're not addressing gang violence: they've got those voters in the bag already, and to draw attention to a problem would be most politically disadvantageous. The homeless only exist with Republican presidents! Same with daily attention to the deficit and spending.

Yup. It's thuggery by the Dems towards the GOP. Or tactics, take your pick. 

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  1. So, so disappointing that the first black president did not and will not make this type of problem a priority when there is such a dire need for a spotlight on it and he is in such a perfect position to address it and champion it. What a great legacy that would be. But you are right about the Democrats already having that contingency in the bag, and so it will be ignored as always along with the abysmal black unemployment rate. Makes you wonder why he is in politics at all. Really? Just to destroy the GOP? The fame? The ability to spend our future away? So, so disappointing.