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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Most fascinating read of the day

In my opinion.

Tea Pary 2.0: Focus on the four R's and Fight Back is posted at RedState, written by a self-described "former mobilization coordinator for the other side." In other words, Tea Party, you need a ground game! With the RINO Republicans now organized against conservatives and the Democrat/media machine effectively obliterating the Tea Party in the minds of unaffiliated Americans before they get a chance to define themselves, this is definitely a top priority to conservatives.

Here's a bit of his introductions:
While their naivete is not their fault, I was left wondering: Where has all the money gone from all the donations given to the legacy groups? Though it is, in many cases, too late now, why didn’t anyone teach these amateur leaders of a movement how to lead a movement?

And here's a bit of the four R's he mentions. If you conservatives don't read the full article, at least read this much.
Rebrand: ...There has been a target on the big tent called the Tea Party, and the assaults have come from all sides–nearly destroying the tent and turning people away from the essential ideas that originally spawned the Tea Party: Fiscal Responsibility and limited government.
As a result, activists need to think differently.
One such way would be to break off into smaller, more mobile groups that are less identifiable, yet just as effective as the original army of activists once was.
Keep the mission, dump the name, go forth and multiply.  
RetoolOne of the major disadvantages of the Tea Party movement has been the unwillingness of certain legacy groups (as well as grassroots groups) to work together, to share technology, information, as well as on-the-ground efforts for GOTV. (...)
Rebuild: ... Move beyond the “Obama did it again…” emails and establish a mission and vision that your group stands for—one that can be articulated in messaging, that others will find appealing.
Then, develop a simple way to communicate your message to people of like mind. It’s called recruitment and really isn’t that difficult.
As I told the group last Monday, if 50 people recruited five people each, then you’d have 250 people. If each of them recruited five more, then you’d have 1250 and so on.
It’s called the Power of Five and it works for both building a movement and getting out the vote.
Re-engage: ... Get over it. (...)  The other side has been doing a better job of it, but not all is lost.
Unlike the Left, there are no union treasuries to fund our activities, nor can we fight full time. However, with minimal dollars, and more focused collaboration, America can be restored. 

As much as I hate sales personally, I recognize this sort of plan as exactly what conservatives need to  restore America to founding principles including fiscal sanity. We all know that the media isn't going to tell Americans anything that hurts Democrats' chances including the full truth about the debt, spending, failed policies, etc. It is up to us to reach the low-information voters and nonvoters. Polls still show that a majority of Americans trend conservative. If we fail to do reach out to them and translate this majority into votes, we have only ourselves to blame for a permanent Democrat takeover.

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