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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Gallup results

This is the Gallup poll showing just how unpopular Obama's positions are (and why the GOP shouldn't cave in to him). Will this poll make a difference in governance? No. Unlike Bill Clinton who was very interested in his popularity and polled even about where he should go on vacation, Obama seems to be purely agenda driven. When his agenda doesn't work and instead makes existing problems worse, he doesn't care to change his position, but digs in his heels- with the media happily trotting along side him despite all the failures. 

Obama probably thinks that if he had more things in his direct control he'd be more successful at implementing his Eurporean-style agenda, yet what he's done thus far would suggest otherwise. Consider the wise words of Dr. Ben Carson, admonishing the administration for their bullying and lack of consideration for those in the areas of expertise in their policy changes such as Obamacare (see yesterday's post).

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