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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Education and Choice and Open Minds

A Democrat head honcho for education in Washington D.C. understands the school voucher system benefits! I appreciate this because this lady took time to listen. She had her opinions but decided she wanted to listen to the parents and understand their points of view, and from that experience she learned that she does in fact support school vouchers. It was no longer logical for her to say that we should all just wait a few more years for the system to be fixed while kids suffering in failing schools were denied a chance for a decent education.

I'd be willing to bet (if I were a betting person) that Democrats might change their minds on quite a few liberal policies if they learned about the inevitable unpleasant consequences. Democrats in power like to stop conservative changes in policies as Obama did in 2009 - because they work, and they won't stand the other guy's ideas working and not theirs. They do it through the courts (legislating from behind the bench) and sometimes through executive action as Obama does. All of it is technically unconstitutional, but with the courts stacked with mostly liberal judges, what can anyone do about it?

It's all about power in the Democrat book - not what's best for Americans. Yet Americans always act in their own best interests according to their best knowledge and understanding - not as a group, collective, or voting bloc.

If people took the time to listen to conservatives, they''d learn a thing or two about gun control consequences, health care exchanges, immigration policies, high taxes on any income level, the effects of overregulation, and most importantly the state of our economy as directed by Obama and his ilk: benefitting the very class he says he despises and hurting the rest of us. Conservative positions (NOT Republican positions necessarily) are all common sense once you look at the effects of various laws and policies.

Note that the liberal media doesn't ever report conservatism that way, instead demonizing any conservative position, but that doesn't mean they're right. They're in the same boat with the Democrat Party. You cannot trust a foe to praise the strengths of its enemy.

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  1. I think this may be the most frustrating aspect to politics today. Led by the biggest offender, Democrats believe because they won the presidential election, they simply do not need to listen to any other ideas that differ from their own, denying an obviously failing economy (deficit? who cares?!) and many policies that simply are not working. Politicians are so obsessed with re-election and party approval that they don't do what is best - equating listening to other viewpoints as traitorous. Crazy!