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Friday, February 15, 2013


The VA struggles with delays and errors greeting returning warriors.
The processing time for disability claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs worsened in a majority of its regional offices last year, and the VA has struggled with its much-anticipated plan to correct its problems, according to two recent audits and a review of department data.
The result for veterans is longer waits – often for disability decisions that are incorrect.

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Needless to say, our veterans deserve better.
The Government Accountability Office, which functions as Congress’ investigative arm, said the VA is proceeding without a clear, comprehensive plan. (...)
According to a McClatchy review of department data, the performance at regional offices deteriorated throughout 2012. The department’s long-term goals are that no disability claim is pending more than 125 days and that errors occur in just 2 percent of claims.
From fiscal 2011 to fiscal 2012, the VA's processing speed jumped from an average of 188 days complete a claim to 262 days, according to the VA. The error rate went down slightly, from 16 percent to 14 percent.

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Those are absolutely horrible rates compared to the private sector, just as healthcare claim fraud is rampant in Medicaid and Medicare but virtually nonexistent in the world of private insurance. Can you imagine what you would do if your insurance company took so long to process claims and made so many errors? You'd switch providers if at all possible!

Need I remind you that bureaucracies have now taken more formerly private health care and we await the same fate as Obamacare continues implementation? The benefit of privatized systems is that companies compete for your business. They have to be competitive by offering up-to-date services at a cost competitive with other businesses or you the customers will switch providers. Errors cost private companies money, business, and threaten a companies' existence if not resolved (Carnival Cruise Line is a great example for the time being).

In comparison, when the VA (or any other government entity) runs low on funds they just slow down their services because "customers" have no alternative. There is no where else for them to go, no where else to turn. This is why privitization of most government bureaucracies would be more efficient, cost-effective, and produce better results for consumers!

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