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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

World War?

It seems far-fetched to the (ignorant) peace-mongers that the world could ever again erupt into wide-spread war, but that seems to be the exact situation we face. The world has never stopped having conflicts, though African violence and genocides are largely ignored by the Western world. Now on top of Islamist wars in Africa (among other kinds of wars there, and places out of Africa not ignored) we face an antagonistic China, eyeing some islands of its neighbor and our ally, Japan.

China seems to think that the US will no longer stand by its allies, as it hasn't stood by Israel. I sincerely hope they are wrong, but I suspect they are suspecting correctly - it is at least more true than it has ever been before post-WWII in American history.  They prepare for war. Our eyes and attention should be on Japan and China.

Both of the links above are not from traditional American media. One is Breitbart - a conservative online news outlet. The other is the Telegraph in Britain.

American media, you ignore threats to Obama's supremacy at your peril and ours. Swoon over him all you like in person, but don't try to pass off your reporting as objective. Yes, you aided and abetted in getting Obama to a second term, but your credibility suffered for it. Your bias is bringing your own demise. Must you repeat the mistakes you made on Benghazi and Fast and Furious? There - is to this day - much you have left in the dark compared to international and conservative news outlets. Why do you feel Obama is worth protecting, beyond your shared idealogies? He's ready to throw you all under the bus even after all you've done for him.

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