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Saturday, January 5, 2013


Did you know that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi back Obama raising the debt ceiling by executive order? Chalk up another unconstitutional power grab by Barack Obama. At this rate, Congress will be nigh unto superfluous in four years, the Supreme Court will be a side-note to backing Barack Obama, and we'll be stuck with Barack Obama for life.

I don't like it.

There's a reason the Constitution specificially set up government with a series of checks and balances, such that the executive, legislative, and judiciary branches would remain separate but equal in preserving the United States from becoming a dictatorship. Obama has ignored many of those balances, taking powers which were never granted to the executive branch. He'll not be returning them, either. Where will it end? I can only tell you the direction we're headed is towards dictatorship.

Believe me, Obama is the kind of person who gets or takes what he wants by hook or by crook. He's a product of Chicago, and lawyer who knows how to get around with loopholes, and a "celebrity" president who the media fawn over and never question. If he wants to be president for life, he'll make it happen. If he doesn't, then we'll be spared an unprosperous socialist fate.

But I'm not counting on the latter.

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