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Monday, January 14, 2013


The United States has long been ignoring Mali's requests for help. The African country has meanwhile been under assault from jihadists, trying to take over the region. Mali warned the international community that getting rid of Gaddafi would open the area for further control by radical Islamist groups. They were right. France has now stepped in to fight the jihadis in their former colony without waiting for UN approval or US support. Chalk up another failure to Obama in international peace.

I know one of the presidential candidates in Mali, Yeah Samake. I met him and his then-fiance at BYU. He is, in fact, a Mormon. A not-so-rare Christian in Mali, but a very rare Mormon. He thanked Mitt Romney for drawing (brief) national media attention to the situation in Mali during the foreign policy debate. Mali has faced many struggles this past year, including a military coup and Islamist take-overs in certain regions.

For a full, detailed history of Mali's recent struggles and how they relate directly to Obama's foreign policy bungles, please visit Losing Mali: The administration will not avoid further avoidance in an African tribal war, published in American Spectator 10 days ago. I think the author is wrong in assuming the US will get involved, however. Obama is no leader and he routinely supports the jihadists over the interests of American allies. I don't get it. I just know that's how Obama works. Look at Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Israel and even aspects of his policy in Afghanistan.

UPDATE: Here are more details of France's recent involvement.

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