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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Absurdity in government

Some things you should be aware of:

Obama scheduled the debt ceiling debate to resume in February, even though technically we're already past the previous "final" ceiling. Make some cuts already, Obama! Oops. I forgot. You're in denial that Congress can't keep borrowing without consequences to the economy. Hello, welfare state. Obama must think that socialism works even though it fails everywhere it's been tried. Eastern Bloc, anyone?

The "milk cliff" has been avoided for another year, but only by extending a farm bill meant to correct the 1949 antiquated law. Why not just repeal that old one and replace it with one more appropriate? It's not like subsidies are really necessary to the degree they're given. We taxpayers are still paying for the "milk cliff;" just not directly.

The latest fiscal cliff deal summed up is this (I recommend the full editorial):
The resolution to the fiscal cliff crisis was fittingly perverse, containing the very prodigal spending and denial of looming deficits that caused it. Washington never fails to use a crisis to compound the underlying elements of the crisis.

UPDATE: Also, have you heard the reason that green energy, Hollywood and bank/corporate tax cuts were included in the last-minute fiscal cliff deal? It was legislation that was previously crafted which OBAMA insisted be part of the deal.  I roll my eyes, to counter the sinking in my gut over the mess that is government spending.

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