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Thursday, December 6, 2012

The LDS Church and Homosexuality

It's been quite a while since I focused on my faith.

There's a reason for this: leading up to the election, the most important things I could write were about Romney's shining character, his business experience, and Obama's horrid plans for our future which we now prepare to accept as our doom. Taxmageddon. He wants us to have it - the fiscal cliff is of his own design from the debt ceiling talks two years ago, he's not really willing to compromise just like two years ago and he'll do exactly what he wants just like he did two years ago. We're doomed to reap what we have sown, collectively. Misery in the form of higher taxes with higher costs of living, economic ruin, despair, higher unemployment... I don't really want to think about how miserable we're going to be for the next four years (at least). Not any more. It's too late to change our circumstances beyond educating Americans now so that we do NOT repeat this mistake. You already know all this if you read this blog regularly.

Anyway, back to the LDS Church. It is somewhat common knowledge that the LDS Church and its leaders teach that marriage is ordained between a man and a woman. In the eyes of the media and liberals in general, this makes us anti-gay. In fact, everyone is welcome in the LDS Church; homosexuals included, with the hope that they will refrain from acting on same-sex attractions, which is a sexual sin just like any other form of adultery or fornication. Now. That said, there is much room for improvement within the Mormon culture in accepting and embracing those who experience same gender attractions.

Now there is a new Church website devoted to this very task of promoting love and acceptance for gays within the LDS Church: Thanks very much to Josh Weed for the information. He's a gay Mormon blogger who is happily married (to a woman) with three children, and who professionally is a marriage and family therapist. He does not (lest you go up in arms) advocate marriage for Mormon gays in general.

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