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Friday, December 28, 2012


No doubt you've noticed that top leaders are meeting to discuss the "fiscal cliff." This is all posturing. Last week the Democrats were lambasting Boehner's Plan B, and now they are lamenting that it wasn't passed? Last week Reid was no where to be seen, but now all of the sudden he's hard at work "trying" to prevent tax increases? The House did pass all the legislation necessary to avert the fiscal cliff but the Senate has touched few if any House bills all year long. Posturing, that's all this is. A charade.

I even saw that our leaders haven't met for six weeks, until today. If they (Obama and Reid) were actually serious about averting the cliff (which they aren't) they would have been meeting together regularly and frequently, daily if necessary. Obama is no leader. And Obama wants the fiscal cliff, he already admitted as much. Get ready for your tax increases to pay for his new spending, leaving the federal deficit growing exponentially until the economy falls flat on its face. The government has two options at that point: to print money, causing horrible inflation (think Kenya and elsewhere). Or to cut spending! The people won't have any money left to tax at that point, or jobs or businesses from which to pay taxes.

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