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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Media fails to report big news

This isn't a surprise, once you become familiar with the kinds of things the news media is willing to report and what it will always steadfastly ignore. Right now, their push is to prop up Dem's pursuit of gun control. Thus, they fail to report that Adam Lanza snapped because he didn't want his mother to send him to a psychiatric facility. More than relevant, don't you think? Find it here, instead, or on any of a number of conservative news outlets. The left (and complicit media) is refusing to talk about mental health in the United States, even though reality insists that the criminally insane will not be stopped by fewer guns. The very same day of the Connecticut shootings, a madman in China killed innocents with a large knife. Clearly, the problem is untreated insanity, not guns.

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