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Monday, December 31, 2012

Fiscal Cliff Deal?

There's still a lot of back and forth on this. I still see very few signs that even if the Senate passes any legislation resolving any part of the fiscal cliff, though the House has made repeated attempts to do so, that President Obama would sign that bill into law.

It also seems that more people are aware of Obama's lack of interest in averting tax increases!

That's a great sign, in my book. Yes, the more ignorant of voters will still believe Obama when he blames Republicans for all the nation's woes, but those who pay the smallest amount of attention will realize that Obama could have and should have been much more engaged in fiscal cliff negotiations if he was serious about averting tax increases. Which he's not. As I've known since the day after Election Day. I'm so glad that more people realize the same thing now, even though it's December 31 and the cliff begins TOMORROW.

An exclusive article up at Breitbart says more authoritatively what I've been telling you for weeks:
“It can’t be overstated,” said our source, “that President Obama has no interest in avoiding the fiscal cliff. He gets everything he wants from a policy and political standpoint if we go off the fiscal cliff.”

But Obama won’t get everything: his failure to assure an indefinite suspension of the debt ceiling means that the real spending debate will center around that, which will prevent Obama from holding the American people hostage on their tax rates in order to guard his vast spending. “That discussion beings [sic] immediately,” the Senate source told us. “The priority for now was avoiding the cliff and trying to help as many taxpayers as possible avoid Democratic tax increases. But now the debate will turn to purely spending.”

The Senate source assured Breitbart News that taxes will not be on the table in terms of cutting our deficit regarding the debt ceiling. “This negotiation will not look like 2011,” the source said. “No repeats.” In fact, there are discussions under way among House and Senate Republicans to make raising the debt ceiling contingent on restructuring the vast bureaucracy that is Obamacare. There has also been talk about restructuring the cost of living adjustments for Social Security, and about restructuring other entitlement programs.

The Senate source emphasized that President Obama did not want to make a deal of any sort. “I don’t think enough interest has been put on the president’s lack of interest in doing anything,” the source stated. Obama hadn’t called McConnell since Thanksgiving; he flew to Hawaii for a week of golf, flew back, and then blamed Congress for getting nothing done.

President Obama has not been merely disengaged; it is clear he wanted to go over the cliff. Most of all, he wanted to tie the cliff to the debt ceiling debate; for him, spending is sacrosanct. “Every penny is sacrosanct to them,” said our source. “You need dynamite to move them off that position. That dynamite is the debt ceiling.”
If the Republicans in Congress can successfully insert the debt ceiling in this debate, I will be extremely surprised, and I will think pigs can fly if they can get Obama to sign anything into law! However, it is their one position of strength and at least they know it now. I give them props for that. Plus, if they can get Obama to refuse to sign something it irrefutably puts Obama against the American people loud and clear. Even more clear, if possible, than the evidence of the past four years, endlessly spun in Obama's favor by our Obama-loving liberal media.

I still believe we'll be going over the cliff tomorrow. May our politicians prove me wrong! I'd love to not pay an extra $300 a month in taxes for my tax bracket including the lowered child tax credit. Realistically, however, I prepare to pay the government my savings just because they haven't figured out how to save any of my/taxpayers' money themselves.

UPDATE: Obama hints at his opposition to any deal.

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