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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Plan

There is much I could say, such as Ann Coulter wrote about exactly the same thing yesterday as myself (unbeknownst), but added that media spin towards Dems and against the GOP equals 8-10 percentage points on Election Days, according to an economist who studied it. Depressing! Not only does the GOP have a messaging problem, the average voter believes the press enough to vote against the GOP to the tune of as many as 10 percentage points.

That's why I've long been saying that you, dear readers, must read both sides of any story. And now I tell you that you must tell other people that they must also consider both sides because they're missing relevant information.

This is a conversation starter and mind-opener for the uninitiated, unsuspecting, low-information voter. This is why many comments I write on liberally-biased-yet-self proclaimed-"balanced"-news-sites go something like this:
If the GOP were really all bad and the Dems all good, the GOP wouldn't be a threat, now would they? They are not what the press says. Read both sides for balanced coverage because you're only getting half the picture.
And I may or may not add, depending on the particular comment:
How can you make an informed opinion on any topic if you consider only one point of view?
This is where we start. Conservatives, unless we get people in the United States to wake up to the great media-DNC complicity, there is no hope of any Republican president (a conservative one - not a Bush) in our future, also meaning there is no hope of reigning in the spending or deficit or tax increases or economic malaise that afflict our country, soon to impoverish our country. We can work through this but it requires education. It requires your efforts to educate. Please copy my comment if you wish, and consider directing people here to Conservative Mormon Mom or any other conservative site dedicated to education.

Ready? On your mark; get set; go!

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  1. This gets to the root of the problem, the libs have controlled the media and schools for at least 60 years now. We now have generations of people who have been educated and entertained with a liberal slant. Conservatives need to get their own entertainment sources to counter the liberals.