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Friday, November 16, 2012

Paul Ryan: Obama has no plan or leadership

Drudge has/had a link to this. For those of you not familiar with Drudge (or Breitbart, where the link leads) but happen upon my blog, here you go. Two valuable tools to combat the liberal bias in media, who do not report this sort of thing.

Quoting Ryan:
Speaker Boehner has outlined a bipartisan way forward to avoid the "fiscal cliff" and get our economy growing: common-sense entitlement reform coupled with pro-growth tax reform. We can find common ground on responsible spending restraint and greater revenue through economic growth, but we have yet to see either a serious plan or leadership from President Obama. Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have delivered both.
De ja vu. This is exactly what happened in the last debt ceiling debate. The GOP had plans, were willing to compromise, and the Democrats without a formal plan threw it all away and did exactly what Obama wanted, leading to more spending and less reform. And the GOP got blamed for it. Story of their life. That's what happens in a party-controlled, liberal "news" media.

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