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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


At Obama's press conference a week or so ago, he strongly defended Susan Rice. He wants her to be his secretary of state. Meaning, how dare anyone oppose him. Republicans are evil and causing all the gridlock in Washington. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, let's remember something. How many times did Bush get the secretary he wanted? Or the court justice he wanted? How many times did Democrats stop Bush in his tracks? How many times were Democrats blamed instead of Bush for choosing these people in the first place? John Bolton, for example? Clarence Thomas nearly didn't make the Supreme Court thanks to the Congressional Democrats, who wanted to impugn him for seemingly no reason other than blacks should be Democrats. The media was on their side, as it still is. Thomas squeaked in because of popular support. Shouldn't that mean that Obama's unpopular measures (Obamacare, for example) should influence politicians to listen to their consituents, or is that time in American politics now over?

Obama expects and will recieve the media coverage he wants. They'll be on his side the way they've always been on the Democrats' side. That still doesn't mean that all the problems in this country are justly blamed on the GOP.

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