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Monday, November 12, 2012


With much thanks to the media burying the evidence against Obama on Libya, burying the ineffectiveness of government cleanup after Sandy until after the election, burying the coming Taxmageddon on January 1, and the delay of reports such as record Food Stamps participationgrowth in a month, we arrive where we are today.

Those are the more recognized contributors of last week's election. The consequences are we've now got to live with higher taxes across the board - not just for the rich (see here for how you individually will be affected, not including FICA increases). Also, Obama's been turning out an average of 68 new regulations a day. Which will impact businesses and those who work for them and those who buy their products and services: we're all connected. If government makes life hard for some of us, it affects us all. As we've been experiencing. As not enough voters believed. They will believe this after four more years.  I saw somewhere (I wish I remember where so I could attribute it) that Obama's political philosophy is that he needs to rid the world of injustice by punishing those he sees as the cause of injustice. He makes and implements laws, and lo and behold, injustice still exists. The cycle continues. We are all punished together.

If a business is hard hit (as health care now is) with regulation or rules or laws with which to comply, the costs go up for that business. They have to pass the costs along to the consumer or go bankrupt. Naturally, no business wants to fold, but when they reach the point that revenues (with which to pay employees) are lower than expenditures, they have to fire people. Hospitals are already cutting back on doctors and medical personnel, not because they're not needed, but because they can't afford to pay everyone anymore. Obamacare directly and ruthlessly affects their bottom line. Not all the changes are bad, but the consequences include that patients will have less access to care.

Healthcare is only one example. Companies are laying off workers afresh, with Obama's reelection. They know that the 2013 taxes will affect their bottom lines so they have to make some cuts to save the business. Watch out, food stamps. What Obama did with food stamps in the past four years is nothing to what he'll do in the next four years. The deficit will continue to skyrocket and probably give Obama $12T in eight years, in comparison with Bush's inexcusable $5T in four years. Yet the media won't make much of the fiscal cliff because a Democrat's in office instead of a Republican.

These are just some of the consequences of Obama's reelection.

American Spectator has written about ten lesser known consequences. It's worth a read. They range from worrisome to bizarre.

UPDATE: Redstate has a report up about the supplies delivered to NYC for Sandy victims, yet unused - because of red tape and unions.

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  1. The media is silent on all of this - they're busy covering the Petraeus affair.