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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Can we hold out?

With Obama's victory, I join millions of Americans wondering how we can afford four more years. How can we keep tightening our belts? How can we afford to pay the higher taxes due to hit us all across the board on Jan. 1, 2013 - which Obama has admitted he's unwilling to delay? How can we afford the rising costs of health insurance forced upon us by Obamacare? How can we afford higher costs of living forced on us by inflation from Quantitative Easings? How can we afford continued high rates of job loss and lengthy unemployment?

As Mitt Romney (and Joe Biden) said, the middle class has been crushed by this administration. How many of us will still even be middle class after four more years? The rich will become richer under Obama, as they have been. But the rest of us will not.

As for the country, there can be no question that we will have at least a $22T deficit. I doubt employment will significantly improve. The rate might improve, but the labor force and number of jobs in this country have shrunk significantly in four years, and I don't see any indication Obama is willing to make things easier for businesses and employees to correct that. Neither is there any indication that Obama is willing to really work with Republicans in the House, rather than forcing them to give him everything he wants. Not compromise.

I expect that with four more years, more than 50% of the country will want real change. Unless, of course, more than 50% of the country prefer the government's care to their own. But that's not who we are, as Americans. We believe in freedom. I have a hard time believing America would really like European-style taxes and programs, once they experience them.

There is also no question that with Romney/Ryan campaigning we learned more, as Americans, about what we can do to save our entitlement programs for future generations. I doubt Obama will do anything about those besides grow them in recipient numbers while cutting reimbursements, as he's already begun to do. However, I like that we are beginning to have this national conversation about fiscal responsibility.

UPDATE: I eagerly await turnout reports - comparisons between 2008 and 2012 in each state for each party. The sense that conservative/GOP turnout was high and Dem turnout may have been lower I'd like to see in numbers. I also await the military vote, which I hear have not been/will not be counted in many states. It may be in the states where it wouldn't make a difference anyway, but I don't know that. It won't change anything at this point since the media-favored Democrat won, but I'd like to know all the same.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Answers about turnout found here. Democrat turnout significantly less than 2008, Republican turnout slightly less than 2008 - which surprised me. McCain's numbers would have beaten Obama's yesterday. There is some significant talk that the voting machines were programmed to record Obama votes in Ohio, with an untested software "patch" since the polls, the exit polls, and the "actual" votes are disparate with each other. I doubt Mitt Romney will challenge this, however, though I think he should. McCain getting more votes than Romney doesn't make sense with the enthusiam levels in the GOP this time around.


  1. It's been a rough season, and I am trying to re-focus with this loss. Enjoyed your views. And hope for the best.

  2. Yes - praying that four more years will not bring us to a point we cannot return. And that maybe now that our expectations for Obama are so low he can't possibly disappoint us. Until then... looking for lessons to learn - how to live with less, swallow pride, not judge others, and TEACH OUR CHILDREN.