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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


You know how the liberal news media loves saying that the gridlock in D.C. is all the fault of the GOP? That they need to compromise? Guess what? So do the Dems. Obama is utterly unwilling to compromise (as we learned during the past four years if we were looking closely enough to see past the media spin), and with the support of an adoring media, he can get away with blaming the GOP for something which he and Senate Dems should share the blame (as he has been for four years). It takes two to tango. It takes two to fight. It takes two (or more) to compromise. Not just one.

Common sense again eludes the leftists. Tolerance for them means support for all their causes and complete intolerance for any conservative cause. Thus compromise eludes them. It's their way or the highway. In the past four years, Republicans proposed budgets. They didn't expect to keep everything they wanted in them. The Democrats never crafted a budget, other than to ignore Obama's proposed budgets. Yet they still got away with blaming the GOP for the lack of a budget - that's the power of a complicit media.

If you don't understand what I mean about the media, consider the press Bush had following Katrina compared to Obama following Sandy. Two devastating storms, and Sandy might arguably have the worse recovery because liberal policies liberal policies and groups stand in the way! The supplies are there, at least the ones donated by private sector businesses and charities, but they wait undistributed because of union rules and NYC laws. Yet this is unreported in the mainstream. It would reflect too poorly on the real performance of liberalism. Ineffective. Inefficient. Expensive. Likewise the media following of any Sandy cleanup revolves around the Occupy movement, even though that is but a small effort compared to many religious groups.

Obama, like Clinton, will always have favorable press. Bush, like Romney and fellow Republicans, will always have disfavorable press. This doesn't mean that the GOP is solely responsible for all the nation's problems.


  1. You only have to read the headlines to see this. Makes me really look forward to 2016 when the Democratic party will eek out a way to blame the Republicans for the complete collapse of the economy. Meanwhile, Obama is back to golfing. This makes me positively weep, as I know without a shadow of a doubt Mitt Romney would have been hard at work.

  2. Can you provide an example of an issue or two you'd like the Democrats to compromise on and what that compromise would look like?

    1. I'm not a politician, but I should think that the Democrats should be able to find a way to compromise on tax increases at a time that Obamacare is hurting businesses and employees all over the country. For example, instead of Obama doubling the amount he wants to gain in revenue, he can go back to the amount he asked for two years ago (see Breitbart). Or he could accept that repealing several expensive elements of Obamacare that are unpopular with both parties.

    2. Oh, the amount Obama asked for two years ago, the GOP was trying to accomodate, but then Obama threw all negotiations to the wind and did exactly what he wanted, which I think is exactly what we'll see again this time around.